Yalla Rock

Come on rock !
The biker group, Rolling Thunder, was founded in 2006 by nine riders led by Mr. Tony Raz and Mr. Boaz Edri. The group was formed from South Florida area, Miami and mostly Hollywood.
Throughout the years, Rolling Thunder has been holding events and accompanying the community during Independence, Holocaust Day, holiday events, support for special events, support for children with special needs, and much more …
 The special events group reaches 300 riders who support and join special events each year.
 The group is preparing for an 8 to 10-day trip across the US topped with amazing kosher food and long rides.

Come on, rock'n'roll!
Listen to a modern, contemporary, classic, rocky and Israeli rock show, every Wedensday from 8 PM (Miami local time), courtesy of the tough biker group with giant heart rolling thunder….

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