Yalla Radio and Shaq FX party with & making everyone happy in two hospitals in South Florida

May 20, 2020, 12:15 am, News A welcoming initiative by Mr. Joe Zebuloni, Hamudi of Hummus Ahumla in Hallandale, organizing friends under the auspices of Eran Hazan, Kosher 24. Net, Kosher Fish Market and a long list of amazing Israeli volunteers great people from South Florida who have donated and prepared over 1,000 gourmet meals every day for ten days, for medical teams and security forces at two General Plantation hospitals and Jackson Mariel Miami, we and DJ Shaq FX were happy to dance you up during the cooking Many thanks also to our Rolling Thunder brothers, the toughest bikers in South Florida, led by Mr. Tony Raz and Boaz Edri who came in a convoy of honor to the medical teams.

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